A dog’s fur is one of the main things that makes them cuddly and nice to pet. Keeping a dog’s fur groomed is a crucial part of pet care, not only for appearance and cleanliness, but also to keep them clear of parasites and other harmful elements.

Physically removing the loose fur from your dog prevents it from being dropped around your home, getting into any nooks and crannies. Fur can end up in plug holes, food containers, and even become lodged in electrical equipment, causing blockages and preventing cooling fans from working efficiently. If this happens with your laptop, an external cooling fan can really make a difference to the efficiency of your device.

But you can’t just take a brush from your bathroom and start combing the fur. Dog fur is different from human hair, so they need their own brush to remove matted fur, dirt, and dander off of your furry companion.

Here are five of the best value dog brushes you can find online right now:


The most important thing about a dog brush is that it brushes well, but also gently. This self cleaning slicker brush by Hertzko comes in a bright purple and has an ergonomic grip, so you can both find and use it easily. You can get all the unsightly matted fur off your pets easily with this brush that’s designed for all sizes and fur types. You can brush your dog’s hair without getting hand cramps and slips or hurting your dog. It is also very simple and easy to clean, so this slicker brush is definitely a top choice.


Grooming your pet can be quite a chore, but it is made much easier with the right tools. The Ruff ‘n Rubs Slicker Brush is not just a slicker brush on its own, but also an entire pet grooming package that also includes nail clippers and other grooming supplies. This self-cleaning slicker brush lets you clean your pet’s fur with little to no fuss with its sturdy design and ergonomic grip. The brush bristles are made of stainless steel, which makes it perfect for removing knots, dander, and loose and matted hair. When you are done brushing, you can press the button and have the bristles retract, which also removes the hair from the brush.


Sometimes, simpler is better. But that simple design may also yield some unexpected but beneficial results. If you’re looking for a simpler brush for your long-haired pets, then this dog brush is perfect for taking out dander, trapped dirt, and shedding hair. It’s also great for cats due to its simple design, and its bristles have massage tips for promoting blood circulation. You can groom your pet and give them a massage at the same time, making grooming not just a hygienic practice, but also a health practice for your pet. The handle is also comfortable and lined with an anti-slip material, making grooming easier.


Simplicity does not always mean depriving yourself of useful features. The Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush is a simple grooming tool. When you look at it, you’ll see it’s a simple black brush. But with that simplicity, there’s also versatility as its bristles can reach the undercoat of double coated breeds, making it an effective brush for even larger dogs. The cushioned and ergonomic grip makes for comfortable and efficient grooming with full power transfer from your hand to the brush without any excess straining necessary. The large head makes it more efficient in grooming even larger breeds.


Excellent design is all about being able to deliver all the features that a user asks for without having to compromise on anything. The UPSKY slicker brush both cleans your pet’s fur and massages to enhance blood circulation. Your pet will be pleased with the comfort it brings as you make their fur smoother and cleaner. The ergonomic handle guarantees a secure grip and the cover lets you keep it clean in storage. The self cleaning feature lets you retract the brush bristles to get rid of the matted hair from the brush easily with just a push of a button.