Everyone loves coffee. And those who do not like it, often just did not try a good, invigorating coffee. After all, it is impossible to compare instant coffee from a bag with natural rich coffee. If you haven’t found your favorite yet, then you’ve just tried few options.

There are two main varieties: Arabica (less strong drink, taste with sourness) and Robusta (more invigorating drink due to the high content of caffeine, taste with bitterness).

Whole-bean or ground coffee?

Real coffee lovers are sure that for the correct disclosure of the taste and aroma of the drink, it is necessary to make it only from freshly ground beans. A con is the need to use a coffee grinder, which significantly delays the process of making the drink. Ground coffee is easier to make: just pour the powder into a jezve or coffee press. However, when stored in ground form, the beans lose most of their taste and amazing aroma.

In addition to the variety and grinding, the degree of roasting of the beans will be indicated on the pack.

The lighter the roast is, the more caffeine there is in the drink. The darker the roast is, the brighter the taste and the more aromatic the coffee is.

How to choose coffee

Take a look at the packaging. If there is the word “estate” on a pack of coffee, it means that the product is produced by a private farm. This is always highly appreciated. If you appreciate the depth of taste, take 100% Arabica. Gourmets appreciate blends slightly less. If you drink espresso or ristretto not for the sake of taste, but for the sake of energy – take Robusta.

We offer you our top 8 invigorating drinks, the taste of which will not disappoint you.

1. Estate Medium Roast Ground 100% Kona Coffee (under $30)

KOA COFFEE Medium Roast Ground 100% Kona Coffee

Kona Arabica grows in the Kona region of the same name in Hawaii. The plantations are located on the slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. The combination of the unique climate and the mineral-rich volcanic soil provides the beans with an excellent taste, which has made Kona one of the most expensive varieties in the world. Kona coffee has a rich aroma, balanced and rich bouquet with notes of tropical fruits and a sweet-spicy aftertaste.

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2. Lavazza Qualita Oro (under $25)

Lavazza Qualita Oro Ground Coffee Blend

Standard delicious coffee without foreign flavors. Balanced deep aroma and dense soft taste. 100% Arabica without the addition of Robusta. Suitable for people with high blood pressure. In the coffee machine it gives a good persistent coffee foam. It is especially popular with people who drink coffee with milk and sugar. It is not bitter and has a slight sourness. Not the cheapest coffee, but justified by the Italian quality.

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3. Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass

Kicking Horse Coffee's Whole Bean Coffee

Kick-Ass dark roast coffee beans are the most popular product of the brand. A drink made from these beans contains a dose of caffeine that will instantly energize you. The beans are harvested in South America and Indonesia. This coffee is ideal for those who like strong drinks with smoky, sweet notes that set off the bitterness.

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4. Death Wish Coffee (under $20)

Death Wish Coffee Company’s Ground Coffee

Death Wish is the strongest coffee in the world. The manufacturers claim that the caffeine here is twice as much as in regular coffee. It was invented for people who can no longer cheer up with regular coffee. Also, the manufacturers assure that this coffee is for real extreme lovers.

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5. Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Ground Coffee (under $20)

Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Ground Coffee

The variety is created from a mixture of intensely roasted beans, due to which the made coffee gets a dark shade. The taste of the drink is exceptionally smooth and silky. A distinctive feature of Black Silk is a long aftertaste with woody notes.

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6. A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee (under $15)

Rootless Coffee's A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

Medium-roasted coffee from Brazil and Nicaragua, which gives it a soft chocolate-nutty taste. When you take a sip, the taste becomes bold and inviting, and the aftertaste – soft, delicate. A fairly suitable choice regardless of the time of day.

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7. Kenya AA Coffee (under $25)

Volcanica's Kenya AA coffee

Kenyan coffee is primarily known for its rich taste, rich aroma, complex but balanced bouquet and almost wine-like acidity. The invigorating beans from that country are among the top five in the world and are considered truly elite products.

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8. Black Coffee (under $30)


This invigorating coffee does not only help to start the morning, it does not only taste great, but it also makes you feel great. Not only because it wakes you up, but also because this coffee contains MCT and amino acids that contribute to your overall health. It has a great taste, it is easy to mix, there are no lumps left at the bottom of the cup.

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