A cat tree is a piece of household furniture designed to give your pet exercise. While those living outdoors can do without it, indoor felines are in great need of it. The cat tree will allow your pet to get some exercise without spilling everything on the furniture and shelves. He will also be able to satisfy his hunting and watching instincts by positioning himself on it.

Vesper cat furniture Walnut is, for example, a lovely item that could significantly improve your pet's well-being. Feandrea Cat tree with scratching post is also well suited if your pets are still only kittens.

The 5 Best Cat Trees of 2022

The cat tree is a trendy item among cat owners in the USA and around the world. Faced with all the offers on the market, it is not easy to make a choice. By referring to the products that we will present, you will know how to buy a cat tree with a better quality-price ratio.

1. Vesper cat furniture Walnut

The Vesper cabinet is a complete model. If you're wondering how to choose the best cat trees of 2022, this product might just give you the answer.The Vesper cat tree is equipped with two platforms at different levels so that your pet can indulge its climbing instincts. The highest platform is more than 47 inches (1.20 m) above the ground, so it's a great way to protect your cat. The cat tree is also equipped with a hiding place, in which your cats will surely enjoy staying.The posts that support the platforms and the hiding place are covered with a roll of rope so your cats can sharpen their claws on them.

What distinguishes the Vesper cat tree from other products on the market is that it comes with memory foam cushions. This will make your pet feel more comfortable when he or she sits on it. Also, the three little balls that hang down will amuse him enormously.


A complete cat tree: Equipped with a hiding place, a scratching post, and two-level platforms, this item is considered by many users as the most efficient cat tree on the market.

  • Comfortable: What distinguishes this product from others is that it comes with memory foam cushions. This makes your pet more comfortable.


  • The design: The Vesper cat tree is far too classic a piece of furniture. Its design lacks a lot of originality.

2. Feandrea Cat tree with a scratching post

If you want your kittens to have a great time, this Feandre model is a product that won't leave you indifferent. In fact, if you're wondering which is the best cat tree on the market, it might just be this one.It has four platforms, a hiding place, and a hammock. Your kittens will have something to occupy their day with this item. Most cat trees usually only have two or three platforms plus a hiding place, and cats get tired of them very quickly.

The posts that support the platforms are rolled up with rope, and can also be used as a scratching post. Indeed, from a certain age, kittens tend to scratch everything that passes under their paws. This kind of accessory is even indispensable on a cat tree for kittens.


The hammock: This accessory will be very appreciated by your cat, and he will spend a lot of time on it. It's because of small details like this that Feandre is considered the best cat tree brand of the moment.

  • Very practical: With this model from Feandre, your kittens will have enough to spend all their energy without doing anything stupid.


  • Too big for kittens: The highest platform is almost 1.5 m from the ground. If a kitten were to fall, it could get hurt very badly.

3. CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Climbing Fort

Felines have an unfortunate tendency to climb anywhere. If your pet is a member of this species, you've probably experienced this kind of situation before. That's why CatastrophiCreations had the ingenious idea to design this wall cat tree.

The cat climbing hammock is a new concept. All you have to do is to install it on the wall, as described in the user manual.

Once mounted, the cat tree is lovely and adds an original touch to your interior decoration. For your pet, it will also be an opportunity to satisfy its climbing instincts.

This original cat tree is very resistant. It can support a load of more than 22 kg, enough to allow your cats to play safely. Moreover, this product is handmade and is of excellent quality.


Very original: The CatastrophiCreations climbing hammock is a cat tree out of the ordinary. The CatastrophiCreations cat tree is a unique design that will satisfy your pet's climbing instincts and is an excellent addition to your interior design.


  • A little expensive: Compared to other cat trees on the market, this one costs a little more. Cats will soon get tired of it: On this cat tree, your pet will only be able to climb, which is a pity.

4. Songmics 170.2 cm Multilevel

And the article of Songmics is an accessory that will not leave your pet indifferent. Many users consider this article to be the best cat tree on the market. Not only is it given for cheap, but it is also very complete.

The Songmics cat tree has several platforms at different levels, the highest being almost 1.70 m above the ground. For your pet, this will be an excellent opportunity to get out of your way and stop doing stupid things.

The two hiding places located one below the other will allow your pet to rest undisturbed all the time. Even if you have several cats, they will have enough space to play.

If you're still wondering where to buy the best cat tree at the moment, you might want to check out that manufacturer.


  • Affordable: This can be considered the cheapest cat tree on the market considering the possibilities it has to offer.
  • Very complete: If you take the trouble to compare this product with most cat trees on the market, you will notice that it has many more features.


  • The black fur covering: It's not so much the fur that's a problem, it's the color, which gives a terrible result.
  • 1.70 m high: the Songmics cat tree is still very bulky.

5. MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Tree with Sisal Stand

If you're wondering where to buy a new cat tree, this offer might be of interest to you. The product presented to you is a real design cat tree. Unlike other items of the same kind, this one is very aesthetic.

Each platform is wrapped in ultra-soft faux fur and printed fabric. Not only will this cat tree keep your pet busy, but it will also give style to your decoration.

If you still don't know which cat tree to choose or which model to buy, why not take a closer look at this one? This MidWest Homes for Pets model has two platforms (one e is pierced in the middle), and a perch.

The two posts that support the platforms also serve as a scratching post. Also, this item is given at an excellent price if you are looking for a cheap cat tree. You will be wrong not to take advantage of such an offer.


  • Design: The MidWest Homes for Pets cat tree is a piece of furniture that can bring distinction to your home.
  • The price: This cat tree is probably the most affordable in its category given the possibilities it can offer.


  • A little small: Your pet won't be able to enjoy a significant play and relaxation area on this cat tree.
  • Not easy to clean: Dirt can easily adhere to the fake fur and printed fabric. But removing it is another story.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Good Cat Tree?

Since felines like to move around a lot, it's essential that you have equipment for their fun at home if you own this type of animal. A shopping guide for the best cat trees will be a great help if you're not sure which model to choose yet. Here's everything you need to know before buying this kind of item:


When choosing the size of your cat tree, several factors should be taken into account. It will mainly depend on your interior design, your budget, the age, and a number of your cats.

On the market, it is possible to find large cat trees that are more than a meter long. This type of furniture usually includes several levels on which your companions can climb. Large cat trees are particularly well suited if you have several felines in your home. Cats will have much more room to play and will be able to exercise better. However, if your felines are still only kittens, a large cat tree may not be suitable.

From a certain age, they like to climb up furniture, but they usually have more trouble getting down. They will have no difficulty climbing to the top of a large cat tree, but they will be afraid to come down and may even fall. If your pet is old enough, this kind of cat tree is not suitable either. He won't be able to take advantage of all that space because he will get tired quickly enough if he wants to climb to the very top.

The main disadvantage with a large cat tree is that it takes up a lot of space. Before buying this kind of item, make sure you have enough space at home. Also, make sure you have a flat enough surface, as it can tip over very quickly.

So, if your pet is not at its most vigorous age, avoid buying it a large cat tree. Small and medium-sized models are more appropriate if you still only have kittens or if your pet is elderly. The advantage of these types is that they are less bulky and generally cost less.

Besides, there is less risk of injury to your pet because this type of furniture does not tip over as easily as a giant cat tree. Nevertheless, if your pet is very vigorous and likes to exercise, a small or medium model will not be enough.


The cat tree can have a wide variety of shapes and colors. In this kind of article, you should always pay special attention to the design. As the cat tree will be displayed in plain sight, it is essential that it remains pleasing to the eye.

Even if it is mainly designed to allow your pet to exercise itself to the fullest, never downplay the artistic side. So, try to choose a cat tree that will add something extra to your interior design. In general, this type of furniture is very elaborate, and you should have no trouble finding one that goes well with your decor. The choice of colors and shape of your cat tree will mainly depend on your tastes.

Some cat trees are even equipped with all kinds of accessories: platform, hammock, scratching posts, hiding place, etc. This not only makes it possible to amuse your cat more but also to give more style to this object. Small and medium-sized trees are often supplied with all these accessories. On a large model, you have to buy them separately.

Nowadays, the cat tree design is a concept that cat owners are becoming more and more interested in. Contrary to a classic model, it is a real decorative element but still costs more.


The last thing to consider before buying a new cat tree is its usefulness. Indeed, it will not give the same possibilities according to the model you have chosen. Some only allow your pet to make its claws, while others only provide them with the opportunity to play.

Of course, there are models of cat trees that allow you to do all these activities at the same time, but they are always a little more expensive. If your cat likes to sharpen its claws on your furniture and you just want it to stop, you don't need to invest in a cat tree that costs a fortune. A scratching trick should be more than enough. On the other hand, if your cat likes to play, it will need a rich play area. With the variety of cat trees on the market, you should easily find one that your cat will enjoy.

It doesn't matter which model or which particular item you've fallen for; it's important to never rush with this kind of purchase. Before buying a cat tree, make a comparison of the offers on the market, and if necessary, consult a price comparator.