Dogs of all breeds should be brought up and trained, since discipline, knowing and following basic orders is the key to the safety of the animal itself and the people around it. One of the components of successful dog training is the right reward – treats for dog training. With the help of a treat, it is also easy to pamper a pet or express love for it. In addition, sticks help the owners take care of the cleanliness of their dog’s oral cavity, because this is the guarantee of its health. In the article we will give an overview of the most popular brands that produce bully sticks for pets, and also tell you what to pay attention to when choosing a treat.

1. Raw Paws Bully Sticks (under $10)

Raw Paws All-Natural Long-lasting Standard Bully Sticks for Dogs

These bully sticks are safe and tasty, and are of high quality. As a rule, dogs are happy to eat these sticks made of natural beef. The treats perfectly remove daily tartar. They really help to get rid of the unpleasant smell from the mouth for a while, but the dog begins to smell of this treat. They do not cause allergic reactions.

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2. Cadet Bully Sticks (under $25)

Cadet Long Lasting High Protein Bully Sticks for Dog

All-natural bully sticks gently clean the enamel from plaque. Specially elastic shape and elastic structure allows dogs to gnaw the treat a little longer. Judging by the reviews, the “yummy” has an attractive meat flavor, does not cause allergic reactions and problems with the digestive system, pets are delighted with such a treat. The stick does not split and does not stick to the teeth. Convenient packaging is easy to close – sticks do not dry for a long time.

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3. Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks (under $15)

Nature Gnaws Extra Thin Bully Sticks for Small Dogs & Puppies - Premium Natural Beef Bones

Completely natural composition, does not contain harmful dyes and preservatives. Experts recommend including them in the diet of fastidious dogs who are allergic to various foods, and the high protein content makes such a treat not the most high-calorie, and therefore healthy. In addition, it has a positive effect on the teeth. Dog owners note that their pets like these bully sticks and no side effects have been noticed during their use, so they recommend taking a closer look at them.

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4. Jack&Pup Bully Sticks (under $50)

Jack&Pup 12-inch Long-lasting Premium Grade Bully Sticks for Dogs

Natural beef ingredients in the composition allow you to give the dog sticks daily without harm to the dog’s health. Buyers note that the product does not have an unpleasant or pungent, artificial smell. Pets eat the sticks and play with them with great pleasure. Pets are ready to follow almost any order for the sake of this treat. Of the minor disadvantages, only the high cost for a small package can be noted.

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5. Best Bully Sticks (under $25)

Best Bully Sticks All-natural 100% Beef Single-Ingredient Premium Bully Sticks for Dog

It is important to choose not only a delicious treat for your small family member, but also a healthy one. The leading position among such treats is occupied by thick sticks of high-quality beef. The treat is quite tough, which allows the dog to get rid of plaque and prevent the appearance of tartar, as well as prevent yellowing of teeth. Dogs willingly play with them. In the reviews, customers note that the brand’s products are quite expensive, but they have a high-class composition and excellent quality, which is noted by many well-known experts.

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Buyer’s guide

1. Composition

Experts advise reading the entire composition from the beginning to the end. Some components, even in small doses, can cause irreparable harm to the pet’s health. A conscientious manufacturer will indicate all the ingredients and their percentage content. If this information is not available, then you should not buy this product. The list of ingredients is especially useful for owners whose pets suffer from allergies. Some animals may have an intolerance to common foods – corn, starch and even chicken.

2. Age, height, weight and breed of dog

For each category of breeds (small, medium and large), their own types of treats are produced, differing in size, density and consistency. You can give treats for lap-dogs to large dogs, but don't do the opposite!

3. Expiry date

4. Price

A good and high-quality product is rarely cheap.

5. If the dog has chronic diseases, be sure to consult with a veterinarian about the choice of a treat, so that it becomes as safe as possible for the animal.