It is believed that weights that do not exceed our body weight are safe for our muscles. And if the training, for example, with a barbell or kettlebell is not suitable to everyone, then the load created by one's own body is quite comfortable for everyone.

The ability to adapt in response to physical exertion is an excellent quality of our musculature. But nature initially provided for the ability to manage only with the weight of your own body. After all, in ancient times, our ancestors ran away from predators, hunted, climbed trees and rocks. Large bulky muscles, or the ability to lift very heavy objects (bodybuilding and power lifting) were not necessary from the point of view of survival. Accordingly, our muscular system is not designed for this by default. Therefore, it is exercises with your own weight that are the most natural and safe type of physical activity. They are designed to help everyone, regardless of their level of training, get fit and healthy.

Here is our top 8 bodyweight exercises that you can do almost anywhere

Important: Stretch before starting your workout and cool down afterwards. The first will prepare the muscles for hard work, and the second will calm the body after the end of training and return the muscles to their original length.

1. Push-ups

- Take the prone position.

- Put your hands directly under your shoulders.

- Place your feet shoulder-width apart.

- The basis is the position of the plank, and your body should be in one line from the head to the sides.

- Keep your neck in line with your shoulders.

- Keep your elbows close to your body when lowering.

- Slowly lower and quickly rise as if in an explosion.

To make it easier, keep your legs farther apart for greater stability. Alternatively, do a push-up as described above, but leave your knees on the ground. Make sure that your back and hips are in the same line.

With such a workout, all the muscles of your core are well trained, but to a greater extent – the triceps. This is one of the best bodyweight training exercises.

2. Squats

Classic squats are the simplest and most effective exercises for the muscles of the legs and buttocks. When performing them, it is important to keep your back in a straight position: the arms extended forward allow you to balance the body correctly. Do not lean too far back, keep your shoulders open. Squats strengthen not only the muscles, but also the knee tendons.

3. Lunges

- Place your feet shoulder-width apart.

- Take a wide step forward with one foot.

- Do not lift your second leg.

- Squat, sinking the hips down and moving the center of gravity to the front leg.

- Return to the starting position and do the same with the other leg.

Lunges activate the inner part of the leg, and also tighten the lower part of the buttocks.

4. Lifting the knees to the palms

Stand up straight, place your palms on top of each other and raise your arms above your head. Now raise your right knee, lowering your palms to it. Recover place and change your leg in the next step. Try to raise your knees as high as possible.

This simple exercise with the weight of your own body is useful not only for losing weight, but also for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

5. Plank

The plank is a universal exercise that will train your entire body. In addition, with a static load, the deep muscles of the body are involved, on which physical strength depends. This means that when performing the plank, you strengthen the body from the inside, which externally manifests itself in the form of a beautiful relief.

- Place your hands under your shoulders or slightly apart from each other.

- Toughen your glutes.

- Keep your body in a straight line from head to toe.

- Toughen the abdominal muscles.

- Point your chin towards your chest.

- Fix your gaze between your hands or behind them.

6. Oblique twists

Lie on your back, bend your knees and perform diagonal twists. Lift the body without lifting the lower back from the floor, and at the same time lift the left knee. Bend over to it, trying to touch the knee with your right elbow. Return to the starting position and on the next rise, repeat on the other side.

The exercise trains the oblique abdominal muscles, forming the waist.

For more comfort when exercising on the floor, use mats.

7. Bridge

- Lie on your back.

- Bend your knees, place your feet on the floor hip-width apart so that your toes are pointing forward.

- Toughen the abdominal muscles.

- Place your heels on the ground and lift your torso off the floor.

- Continue to keep your muscles tense.

- To avoid damaging your back, do not lift your torso too high from a neutral position.

8. Swimmer

Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms out in front of you, palms down, keep your head suspended. Lift your left arm and right leg off the floor, raise them as high as possible. Lower and then repeat for the other arm and leg. The "Swimmer" is included in the complex of exercises for the whole body, as it deeply loads the back muscles and increases the mobility of the spine.

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