Proper intimate grooming requires adequate equipment. However, finding a bidet that will meet your expectations and has an excellent price-performance ratio is a daunting task. Apart from the dimensions of the device, other points that need to be taken into account are the structure of the housing, the installation, and the functionality of the Bidet. These parameters vary enormously from model to model.

Please also note that the price displayed differs depending on the brand of the product. To put this in context, let's look at the case of the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 self-cleaning double-ended bidet, which has an excellent comfort of use, especially for women. Topstar Freshwater Bidet Non-electric toilet seat is a device designed for users with reduced mobility, including the elderly.

Top 5 Bidets of 2022

Finally comes the time to reveal to you the list of the most successful models on the market by considering the opinions of their users. Each Bidet is designed for a very distinct profile so that everyone will find the right shoe for them.

1. Luxury Bidet Neo 320 self-cleaning double toe cap

If you're about to buy your first Bidet, you must do your homework. There's nothing complicated about it. Just type in the best Bidet on the market.

Equipped with metal and ceramic valves, this model has been robustly designed. In addition to the retractable nozzle, it has a double nozzle for hot and cold water. In this price range, this is the most efficient sanitary appliance.

Available in blue and white, its design combines elegance and modernity. However, you should know that this model is also sold with an all-white structure. As an accessory, a bidet clip and several braided pipes will be included in the purchase.

All this is for the sole purpose of simplifying its installation. In practice, this article will be suitable for double toilets, but also for models that have only one piece.


  • Easy maintenance: The nozzle is cleaned automatically. This function is often used to conduct hot water, even before starting the toilet.
  • Pleasant to use: In winter, washing with hot water is not only necessary but also enjoyable.
  • Female jet function: The female jet makes washing much more comfortable, especially during menstruation.
  • Easy to install: Due to its design, this Bidet is easy to install.


  • Located too close to the toilet bowl: The fact that it is located too close to the toilet bowl has a rather disturbing side.

2. Topstar Freshwater Bidet Non-electric toilet seat

In the sanitary equipment sector, there are many models on offer. To find your way around, there's nothing like consulting a buying guide for the best bidets.

Being a regular user of this type of tool, this pack includes a bidet and a toilet seat adapted to elongated toilets. Conveniently, the positioning of the nozzle can be adjusted to suit your needs. This modularity is its main asset, and women won't tell you otherwise.

Apart from the nozzle, also note that the water flow rate can be adjusted from 0.35 to 1.5 l/min. As a reminder, this model has not one, but two nozzles. To operate it, all you need is a good connection.

There is no need for a power source, everything is done mechanically. Ready to install, the bidet will be delivered with a mounting kit including a 58.4 cm SS hose, 1 T-adapter gasket, a mounting plate, 2 nuts, 2 bolts, and 2 washers. The kit is sold at a low price.


  • A beautiful design: The design of this article is not at all neglected.
  • Hygienic: The materials used are entirely hygienic. Moreover, the seat is straightforward to clean.
  • Adjustable water flows: The water flow rate is very precisely adjustable.
  • Easy installation: The entire facility is straightforward to carry out.


  • Uncomfortable: The seat is far from comfortable. For a good reason, it is rather irritating.
  • Poor T-fitting: The dimensions of the T-fitting that comes with the Bidet are often a problem. It measures 3/4" instead of 3/8".

3. Livingbasics Amazetec Self-cleaning hot and cold water bidet

On the web, many people ask for advice. Among the questions that Internet users ask themselves, the one that comes up most often is related to the best site to buy a new bidet.

Equipped with a double male and female nozzle, this model fits all standard toilet bowls. Also, this Bidet is self-cleaning. Well designed, it is mechanically attached and close to the toilet bowl.

The water pressure and temperature are fully adjustable. Also, there are several spray modes, including a private toilet function for women.

These adjustments are made by means of adjustment wheels that are easily accessible. Discreet, the housing is entirely white. Also, note that it is made of ceramic. As for the accessories, the mounting kit is complete. If you have any problems, you can always consult the documentation that comes with the bidet.


  • Not very apparent: Given its size, the case will not be too visible. People who only have a small bathroom will be happy to have it.
  • Quick installation: With the right tools, the assembly can be done in less than half an hour. You should also know that the installation kit has been very well chosen.
  • Economical: By using this Bidet, your consumption of toilet paper will decrease over time.


  • Requires adjustment: The distance between the Bidet and the toilet bowl will require change on your part.
  • Unreliable: Some users have experienced leaks within the first two months.

4. Brondell Bidet Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150

It is by consulting a comparison that one will be able to decide on which Bidet to choose. Doing otherwise will waste more time. This finely designed Bidet does not require a GAP toilet seat.

In fact, the housing is only 0.5 cm thick, 39.1 cm long, and 23.2 cm wide. Cleanliness and freshness sum up the qualities of this product very well.

The nozzle is self-cleaning. Apart from that, you should know that it can be retracted as you wish. The flexibility of this device will be accompanied by a wash with fresh water.

Solid, the flexible hoses benefit from a braided metal structure. As for the T, it integrates a valve. In terms of durability, we are facing a product that will not rust over time. For a first bidet, its installation is the easiest. No specific tool is required.


  • Very hygienic: This bidet has been designed according to the rules of the art, so its installation will not harm your health.
  • Easy to assemble: The assembly does not require the intervention of a professional. So you can do it on your own.
  • Compact: This equipment has the merit of being the smallest in its category. Its small size allows space-saving, which is not negligible.


  • Lack of reliability: The first problems appear during the early months of use. The most frequent concerns are related to the efficiency and operation of the nozzle.
  • Not compatible with London toilets: Before placing your order, please note that this Bidet is not suitable for London toilets.

5. Amzdeal Bidet for hot and cold water toilets

In the market for sanitary installations, Amzdeal is a manufacturer that is known to the general public. Moreover, many consider it to be the best brand of bidets in recent years.

In summer and winter alike, this model always offers a feeling of well-being. The temperature and water spraying are controlled by touch control. The manufacturer offers a 235 and 63.5 cm long hose for hot and cold water in the piping system.

With a thickness of 6 mm, its design will delight women. Also, this toilet bidet offers two spray modes, namely a front wash and a spray. The former is much softer than the latter.

In addition to being the cheapest in this segment, this model is also the best bidet of the moment. By visiting the manufacturer's website, you will find videos illustrating the assembly steps.


  • Easy to use: For your intimate grooming, this bidet works exclusively with water.
  • Easy to install: The installation is child's play to connect. The facility is a child's play and will be completed in a few minutes.
  • Robust: The joint and the pipes are made of metal, which means that the system is protected against corrosion.
  • Pleasant to use: The water jet has been optimized for the private toilet, and this can be felt from the first use.


  • Does not adapt to lying down toilets: The dimensions of this Bidet make it unsuitable for lying down toilets.

Buying Guide - How do I choose a Bidet?

As you read this article, you're probably expecting to find an answer to the question that most Internet users are asking themselves, namely how to choose the best 2022 bidets. Don't worry; there's nothing magic about it. Just think that you'll have to compare as many models as you can, and do it smartly.

The right size

It all depends above all on the dimensions of your bathroom. Generally speaking, a hanging model takes up less space than a free-standing bidet. However, if we should make a small comparison, the latter has the advantage of being more robust and more comfortable to install.

In terms of design, it is the suspended models that win the day. With a well-marked and somewhat an original shape, these bidets will modernize your toilet. On the other hand, the retro style of a free-standing bidet is not unpleasant either. In fact, it is just as successful as its counterpart.


As you can imagine, installing a bidet can be complicated if you don't have the right tools, the right connections, and the right DIY and plumbing know-how. It is also useful to find out where to buy the best Bidet.

In addition to permanent and hanging bidets, there are also models with folding legs and others that attach to the side of the toilet bowl. Versions that are fixed to the floor are generally more stable. If you choose a suspended model, consider the strength of the fixing kit. For bidets with foldable feet, they are often unstable. In terms of practicality, the removable models go mostly in front. Indeed, it is difficult to find such a discreet device.

Over the years, we have witnessed the birth of electric bidets. This new declination benefits from many features that others don't have. As for the installation itself, it will require patience, basic DIY and plumbing skills, and the right tools. First of all, you will need to take measurements of the site. Bring a spirit level.

Then it's time to cut off the water supply to your home. Using a pencil, draw the location of your Bidet. If you've taken a permanently installed model, mark the location of the foot. Don't forget to mark the places for the fixing screws and ankles. The next step is to connect the water connection. This will start with the installation of the main tap. Then attach the hoses to the mixer tap.

As for the installation of the bung, it is the upper part that must be inserted first. The next step is the installation of the filling mechanism and the emptying system. The third part of the plant concerns the bidet fixing. The aim is to place the fixing screws according to the Bidet you have chosen. The locations can be on the wall or at the floor level. All you have to do is tighten them.

Note that the bidet holder must be parallel to the wall. In some models, a shim is mandatory. As far as water drainage is concerned, this action is carried out by a P-shaped siphon, which is mounted on the bung. The alignment and length of the connection are the critical points for proper installation. For this, always take a margin of 4 cm.

To make the plug easily removable, the use of silicone is strongly recommended. Moreover, this will prevent leaks. The assembly of the gaskets comes last. To ensure that the installation is watertight, perform a small test. This will consist of pouring a bucket of water into the Bidet.

Apart from the drainage system, the hoses, the mixer tap, the filling, and emptying device must also be checked. Once everything is functional, now proceed to the finishing touches. No screws should be visible, hence the use of screw covers.

The operating modes

The usefulness of a price comparator lies in the fact that it is a tool that will help you understand how to buy a bidet at a better price-quality ratio. That's good because the quality of this product comes down to the variety of features it comes with.

As an option, a bidet can benefit from an air deodorizer, a self-cleaning nozzle, temperature, water pressure, and drying mode. Some models are also better suited for women's intimate grooming, so take your time and read the full product description.