Before the 2000s, the small screen gave itself over to us through the imposing cathode ray tube television. Then came the LCD and LED flat screens. Over time, the display resolutions of television sets have become more refined and improved. This led to high definition: HD, Full HD, and then the current 4K UHD. In today's market, there are many different models of high-performance and affordable 4K TVs.

If you want to buy one, we offer you the Sony XBR-X800G 4K Ultra HD TV LED with its image enhancement technologies (HDR and 4K X-Reality PRO). You also have Samsung RU8000 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with its fluid images and PurColor technology.

Top 5 Best 4K TV of 2022

On the one hand, we enable you to make the right choice by giving you our purchasing advice. On the other hand, we direct you towards the most recommended models with our selection of 5 best products. This will allow you to know which is the best 4K TV on the market.

1. Sony XBR-X800G 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Speaking of television, the best brand of 4K TV goes to Sony. This one has always been a reference to quality. For a good reason, it has repeatedly strived to offer increasingly sophisticated models. In the court of the best 4K TVs, you will find this model in particular.

This 49" Sony 4K TV is a worthy representative of UHD TVs. It incorporates HDR technology (HDR10 and HLG) to provide clear images with exquisite detail. Coupled with its 4K X-Reality PRO, Motion Flow XR technology, and Dynamic Contrast enhancer, it delivers more than realistic images for an immersive experience. It brings your favorite games, TV shows, and video content to life.

This Smart TV pairs with Google Home and Alexa for a Smart Home. So you can control your home and TV with Android TV and Google Assistant by the simple sound of your voice.


  • Powerful processor: True to the brand, this Sony 4K TV has the power to easily stream content via Amazon or Netflix.
  • Excellent picture quality: This TV allows you to view content with vivid colors and excellent fluidity.
  • Multiple display optimization technologies: This TV comes with a wide range of display optimization technologies, including HDR, 4K X-Reality PRO, Dynamic Contrast enhancer, and Motion Flow XR.


  • The appearance of grains with rapid movement: You may occasionally see some grains on the screen in fast-moving images.

2. Samsung RU8000 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Who hasn't wondered about the best performing 4K TV when it comes to replacing their excellent old Full HD? For a serious answer, you can take a recent reference like the Samsung RU8000 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.

This 50" Samsung 4K TV has a powerful 4K UHD processor. It delivers high-precision, bright, and colorful images thanks to HDR technology, its 16:9 contrast, and its PurColor function. It is a Smart TV supplied with an interface with a universal guide. This makes it easy to search for video content and streaming TV shows.

In terms of design, this LED model is particularly elegant. Its slim design gives it a modern and attractive look from all angles. It blends in with any decorative style. Its metal structure makes it solid and easy to maintain.


  • Hands-free control: Like most 4K TVs today, this Samsung model optimizes your viewing experience with voice remote control.
  • Smooth images: With its 120 Hz refresh rate, this Samsung 4K TV delivers video content with minimal latency and good fluidity.


  • Bixby uses under conditions: In addition to a wireless Wifi connection, you can only access Bixby using a Samsung account. In addition, the use of the user interface may be restrictive.

3. LG 4K 55UM6910

The technology of the Life's Good brand has always been able to satisfy you, whether it be in terms of household appliances or audio-visual equipment? For your living room, are you looking for an LG 4K TV? If so, this model, LG 43UM6910 is just what you need.

With its 55'', this LED TV fits perfectly with UHD resolution. Its 4K IPS screen displays highly realistic images with vibrant colors. With its WebOS 4.5 interface, you can benefit from voice control and custom content recommendations. It also gives you easy access to streaming videos. What's more, this TV works with Google Assistant and Alexa's voice assistant.

LG 43UM6910 also has display performance to spare: a Quad-Core processor for the unparalleled viewing experience, as well as HDR10 and HLG technology. Its connectivity consists of sockets for pairing with other devices, but also for network access.


  • Sharp images: Its processor allows this 4K TV to deliver high quality and optimized images. It also enables it to reduce video noise and motion blur. In addition, the HDR10 and HLG provide better contrast for a more realistic picture.
  • Full accessories: This LG model comes with a complete set of accessories including a battery remote control, power cable, quick start manual, and e-manual.


Incorrect wired Ethernet connection: This LG 4K TV may alternately display "Wired Network Connected" and "Wired Network Disconnected".

4. Toshiba 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED

In principle, the potential of a TV is determined by its versatility and the clarity of its images. So how do you know which 4K TV to choose? If you don't have an answer to this question, we suggest you take a look at this 50" model.

Toshiba 4K UHD Smart TV delivers images of over 8 million pixels with its immersive Dolby Vision 4K UHD resolution. The images are sharp. Colors are vivid and shimmering.

The contrast is smooth and deep. Coupled with the Fire TV Edition, this LED model delivers thousands of TV channels, streaming, and applications. With it, you can enjoy Netflix, Crave, Prime Video, CTV, etc. content. Easy to use, this 50" TV is controlled with its integrated Alexa voice assistant.

Its connectivity is well provided: 3 HDMI (with HDMI ARC), 1 USB port, 1 composite input, 1 input for antenna or cable, 1 optical audio output, 1 audio jack, and 1 Ethernet port.


  • Voice control: This Toshiba 4K TV is easy to control and set up via Alexa. With this tool, you can easily launch applications, search for TV shows, launch an audio file, play music, switch inputs, control your home automation, etc.Fire TV Edition: This interface not only allows you to enjoy a wide range of TV channels and applications, including YouTube. It gives you continuous access to this via a unified home screen and coupled with an HD antenna.


  • Low-quality remote control: The remote control supplied with the TV is made of plastic. It looks weak. However, you can easily replace it with a universal model.

5. TCL 43S425-CA 4K Ultra HD LED Television

Want to trade in your good old Full HD TV for a cheap 4K TV? Faced with a swarm of models, wondering where to buy the best 4K TV? The choice seems complex, and you don't have any references? TCL 43S425-CA will help you find your way around and make your comparison.

This 4K UHD LED TV is only 43". Despite its small size, its picture quality does not suffer from it and is quite different from Full HD. It displays crystal-clear, sharp, and realistic UHD images via HDR technology and 16:09 contrast.

This sharpness is further enhanced with its direct illumination and a motion index of 120 Hz CMI. Its connectors are composed of : 3 HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 (including one HDMI ARC), 1 USB port, 1 RF input, one composite input, one headphone jack, one optical audio output, and 1 Ethernet port. And through Roku TV, this TV gives access to a thousand and one streaming channels, including 500,000 movies and TV series episodes.


  • HDR: This 4K TV delivers crystal clear, UHD-like images. How? Through its HDR settings. This technology gives it better contrast and colorimetric display.
  • Wide access to 4K content via Roku: With this TV channel, you're entitled to thousands of 4K content.


  • Short power cable: This limited length requires you to install it near the power outlet. This may be a constraint on your space configuration.
  • Low performance original remote control: Apart from its limited buttons, this accessory has a weak signal. It must be pointed directly at the base of the TV.

Buying Guide - How do I choose a good 4K TV?

After the shimmering Full HD, the 4K TV is now entering the flat-screen market. More than one model exists. So how do you buy a 4K TV with better value for money? To help you find the rare pearl in Canada, discover our buying guide for the best 4K TVs.

The ratio between reversing distance with screen size, technology, and definition

How to choose the best 4K TVs in 2022? It's simple; you have to take into account several criteria. A 4K TV usually has LED backlighting technology because of the high density of its pixels.

Through this technology, the pixels of this UHD TV are less visible compared to Full HD or HD models. This means that the 4K TV offers better viewing comfort even when placed near the sofa. It also means it's more compact. It's easy to find a place for it in a small room. For a good reason, the setback distance it requires is minimal compared to a Full HD and HDTV.

To find out the exact setback distance of a TV, we would rely on the size of the screen. This old method consisted of multiplying the screen size (diagonal in centimeters) by 1.3. But for today's UHD TVs, the rule changes. From now on, the height of the 4K TV should be used as a guide.

Picture Display Quality

No more misconceptions, a large TV is not synonymous with high definition. That said, a large screen requires high definition. Why is that? It's necessary for detailed images and immersive viewing experience. It is therefore reasonable that a 4K UHD should have at least a 49" display for satisfactory viewing.

Before looking for where to buy a new 4K TV, you should first know that these models are available from 40" upwards. This is the cheapest size in principle. That said, we recommend that you get one above 50". Why is that? At this size, the difference between UHD and Full HD is clearly visible. The standard one is 55" for an excellent reversing distance and a good display quality.

As for the quality of the picture itself, there are several criteria to consider when determining the ability of a 4K TV to reproduce colors well. Also, the best 4K TV usually has an HDR (High Dynamic Range). This is an image processing technology that focuses on color and brightness.

It allows a better color distinction between light and dark areas. It is indispensable for the distribution and reception of HDR content, especially fictional videos. There is more than one HDR standard, including HDR10, HRD10+, HDR1000, Active HDR, Technicolor, HLG, Dolby Vision.

Before relying on a price comparator, also learn how to decipher the contrast of a TV (expressed as a ratio). The higher the ratio, the more precise the image nuances will be. Also, consider the luminance (shown in candelas/m² or nits) of the screen. The brighter the room is lit (ambient light or lamps), the higher the luminance should be.

This will allow the 4K TV to deliver clear images and provide excellent viewing comfort in a high-light environment. On average, expect 300 to 400 nits for a room with average brightness.

Other criteria: design and accessories

Other criteria can help you compare 4K UHD models and make the right choice, including :

- display frequency: it should be at least 100 Hz for optimal picture fluidity.

- design: between the flat and curved models (also known as a cinema screen), the second option is much more aesthetic. Also, it offers a homogenous viewing distance and less sensitivity to reflections. They are available from Samsung and TCL.

- format: slim for more aesthetics and compactness, table or Lifestyle TV at Samsung for a touch of elegance, mirror for installation in damp rooms, borderless or borderless TV, TV with Ambilight technology for a gaming atmosphere and immersive fiction.

- Smart TV function: with an internet connection (via Wifi Direct/Miracast, or via a wired connection to a mobile terminal or router) and access to various online services (streaming, social networks, replays, VOD, etc.).

- secondary control of the 4K TV (in addition to the remote control): either with a mobile application or by voice control.

- Bluetooth connection for pairing with accessory equipment (mouse, headset, wireless speaker, keyboard).

- wide application compatibility: Google Play Store via Android TV, TV channel applications, streaming, VOD services, social networks, themed applications (educational, culinary, leisure, etc.).

- brand-specific interface with various widgets and applications

- Upscaling function

- PVR recorder function