Modern bento boxes, the ancestor of which is a container, can be useful while travelling, keeping on a diet, for parents and their children. Many models are able not only to keep food hot for a long time, but also to heat it up. And the presence of several compartments will help you not to depend on the menu of the nearest canteen or cafe, thereby saving the family budget and maintaining your health. Our article will help you choose a convenient and suitable bento box for your needs.

Akuzedos Bento Box for Kids and Adults (under $15)

The most common option is a bento box with an optimal number of compartments and 3 layers. The advantages of such a box include cheapness, at the same time the model provides tightness, compactness, lightness. The disadvantage can be considered the inability to maintain temperature, rapid wear. Plastic is harmless and it can be heated in a microwave and washed in a dishwasher.

Akuzedos Bento Box for Kids and Adults

MR. DAKAI Bento Box Adult Lunch Box (under $40)

This model of bento box is a great option for adults, it is made of stainless steel and can keep the temperature of hot food up to 2 hours. Consists of three layers which have separate lids with the sealed silicone rings. The design is leak proof. The set includes a free portable flatware set and a pack for easy transportation. The containers can be washed in the dishwasher and stored in the refrigerator without spoiling the food.

MR.DAKAI Bento Box

HAIXIN Bento Box (under $30)

It is a very convenient bento box of a round simple shape. Ideal for both children and adults. You can take them with you to the office, for a walk, on a trip. Haixin bento boxes are made from food grade, eco wheat straw material, BPA free, durable plastic. Meals can be placed in three separate compartments and they will not mix together. The set comes with a spoon, a fork, and a mini sauce box. You can choose a bento box of three colors (purple, green, yellow). These bento boxes are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Bento Box

Ruisita 10 Pieces 4-Compartment Snack Bento Box (under $20)

The simplest, but no less popular model in our top is a plastic bento box with a tightly snap-on lid that protects against leaks. The main compartment is divided into four compartments, ideal for portion control. This container is very easy to care for. You can take this bento box with you to the office and travel. It is not afraid of microwave ovens (made of safe high-quality non-toxic plastic) or microwave ovens, food in such a box can be safely stored in the refrigerator.

Ruisita 10 Pieces 4-Compartment Snack Bento Box

Saffron & Sage Home Living Bento Box (under $25)

This Saffron & Sage Home Living is one of the most functional Japanese style bento boxes. Because you can put twice as much food in it or take two snack options with you to work that will not mix together. This is very convenient if you work until the evening, because you can put dinner in the second compartment. And all this compactly fits into one bento box. The items included in the set are very functional: 2 box containers, a removable divider, a faux bamboo lid, a sauce cup with lid, spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks, 2 airtight insulated silicone lids with ventilation locks, an elastic band and a stylish carrying bag set.

Bento Box Adult Lunch Box

Buyer’s guide

1. Material. Plastic should be food grade, not contain harmful phenols, not absorb odors, not be stained. Choosing a product made of stainless steel, note that they are slightly heavier and cannot be heated in the microwave, but they retain heat longer.

2. Compartments and layers. Multilayered containers are a suitable solution when you need to store several dishes. In addition, they combine spaciousness and compactness. Compartments can be of different forms – for dry, liquid, hot dishes, snacks.

3. Tightness. When choosing bento boxes where you will store liquid dishes, be sure to specify how tightly and securely the lid closes. An important role is played by the presence of a rubberized, silicone rim, which creates a vacuum. Some products include additional retainers.

4. Easy care. The easiest way is if the manufacturer allows cleaning with a dishwasher.

5. Additional options. Pleasant bonuses will also be the possibility of heating in the microwave, the ability to store in the freezer.