The choice of shaving method is largely a matter of taste. By studying all sorts of thematic forums, you can be sure that each of the available methods has its adherents: some prefer razors with interchangeable cassettes, others - classic T-shaped razors. You can even meet fans of dangerous razors (although it is much more common to meet those who prefers dangerous razors with interchangeable blades).
In the first place of interest to us are electric razors - which absorbed a lot of achievements of modern technology and are improving from year to year (unlike all of the above devices, among which it is very rare to find a radically new technical solution worthy of a new patent). We have prepared a list of 5 best electric shavers of 2021 that will help you take care of your beard on a daily basis.

TOP-5 Beard Trimmers of 2022

Pick one of these devices and you won’t be disappointed.

1. Xiaomi Enchen

Xiaomi Enchen Beard Trimmer

The BlackStone electric shaver uses three independently suspended shaving heads. They provide more skin contact area than two-head shavers, and the heads fit better into the curves of your face, shaving stubble even in hard-to-reach places the first time, without requiring a second shave.

The BlackStone electric shaver can be fully charged in just 1 hour and can run for 90 minutes on a full charge. With an average daily shave of 1.5 minutes, a single charge will last you two months. Plus, if you should run out of power unexpectedly, you can use it while it's charging.


Fast charging;

Clean shave.


No additional functions.

2. Hatteker 5 in 1

Surker 5 in 1

It's lightweight for mobility, and its reinforced structure makes it more durable.

The dual worldwide design makes it a great travel companion.

The powerful battery lasts 40 minutes on a single charge.

It comes with a magazine and charging cradle for safe charging in the bathroom and will help you stay well organized.

The versatile hair trimmer kit includes a full width and precision trimmer head, shaver head, nose trimmer head, and neckline trimmer, such a variety of attachments that can be freely adjusted to suit different requirements.

These are also packages with a hair length selector that offers you 9 different lengths to adjust to easily control the length of hair you want to trim.


9 different attachments;

Durable material;

Adjustable length.


40 minutes of work on one charge.

3. MLG OneBlade

MLG OneBlade Trimmer

Integrated design, easy to use and carry.

Rechargeable, cordless. Convenient, enjoy that short shave. Ultra-thin shaving head, safe beard cutter.

Each end has two different sizes of comb attachments (1mm/3mm/5mm), convenient for you to control the hair length.

The outer and soft EVA material provides complete protection against scratches, bumps, spills, and dust. The additional mesh pocket is designed to manage small accessories (Replacement blade, power cords, etc.) Double zipper, easy access to your device and accessories, also easy to open and close.



EVA material;

Double zipper case.


The price of blades.

4. Xiaomi Youpin MSN Shaver

Has a unique design. Each has an attractive appearance, so it immediately attracts attention.

Each owner of such a device has the ability to adjust the speed of shaving panels, depending on personal needs.

They have high quality. Product is completely waterproof and has a high degree of protection, so if it comes into contact with water, it does not fail and continue their work.

Has a high-capacity battery, which lasts for about 2-3 weeks of active use. If you shave for 3 minutes a day - enough charge for a month.


High-capacity battery;


Speed adjustment.


The material can be scratched.

5. Kemei KM-1102

Kemei KM-1102 Cordless Shaver

This compact shaver has a unique design and has a case included. This shaver is made of quality metal and will last a long time. With its help, the process of shaving will bring only pleasure, and thanks to the sharp blades that perfectly cope with stubble, the skin of the face will be smooth and gentle. It also has a built-in trimmer for trimming hairs. The powerful charge will allow you to shave multiple times and not have to worry about finding an outlet.



Clean shave;

High-capacity battery.


Limited functionality.