Nobody wants to go to the beach and carry 1001 things in their hands: towels, swimwear, clothes and drinks. All this is hard to hold in your hands, and it is impossible to carry at all. A supermarket bag that everyone has is not a solution either. For such cases, special beach bags have been created. It is an indispensable accessory for a seaside holiday. Convenience lies in the fact that you can simply hang the bag on your shoulder and walk calmly. Moreover, these bags are very spacey. It should fit a towel, cream, comb, some snacks and water. Let's see what are the most trendy bags to take to the beach in 2022.

Top 5 beach bags of 2022

Beach Bucket Bag

Beach Bucket Bag

A bohemian-style bag will be a great addition to a light, natural look. The product is assembled from pure straw. The straw material makes this bag durable and not subject to deformation. The handles are made of artificial leather. On the front side of the bag, there is an imitation leather insert. Such accessories are in demand from countries such as Spain, etc. Buyers note that the product is of good quality and the tailoring is neat.

Beach tote bag

Beach tote bag

The geometric style is suitable not only for a girl, but also for a guy. Their brightness will add an accent to the exterior and will perfectly fit into the summer nature. The bag is available in one size: 33×36 cm. The pure linen material forms the basis of the entire bag. A patchwork pattern is superimposed on it. Imported ink for printing and dyeing was used to create the picture. All materials are safe for health. The bag closes with a neat zipper. However, the downside is the size of the bag. It doesn't hold a large towel, but it can hold sunblock, a bottle of water, a magazine or a book for an interesting pastime.

Bag with double layer

Beach Bag with double layer

A large mesh bag will not only hold a large towel and other items you need for a comfortable stay on the coast. Lightweight material will not bring you any inconvenience when moving. The box is attached to the bag with a zip lock. The food compartment is quite large. A two-litre bottle of soda can easily fit in there. This bag will keep food warm. Let it cool mojito or hot coffee. This bag is perfect for a picnic or for a beach. Another advantage of this product is its minimalistic design. This option is suitable for both sexes. The manufacturer offers 4 colours: black, blue, pink and green.

Straw Beach Bag by Vento Marea

Vento Marea Straw Beach Bag

A classic bohemian style straw bag. This model is suitable exclusively for sunbathing without the use of water. The bag has a very strong shape and does not deform under the weight of, for example, a bottle of water. Inside the bag, there is an additional section for small items and a telephone. You shouldn't put wet towels or things here in order to preserve the integrity of the product. The inner tabs and handles are made of faux leather. You can purchase the bag in 2 colours: milk processing and black processing. Such a bag will perfectly fit into an aesthetic photo and make your image more expensive. Despite the very good quality of work, the price is quite pleasing.

Beach Tote Bag fridge

Beach Tote Bag fridge

This is the budget option for a portable beach bag. The set includes a classic camping bag with an additional refrigerator. It is quite large and roomy. Here you can wear towels of any size (or several), swimwear, capes, etc. In addition, you can put a bottle of water, soft drinks or even ice cream in a tight chamber. The cell is attached to the bottom of the mesh bag. High-quality zipper will protect your bag from clutter. The main material is nylon and polyester. The set is made in shadeless colours in blue/green/red or black. Such a thing will be very convenient on the beach and on a picnic.

How to choose a good beach bag?

When choosing a beach bag, pay attention to the following features.

The size. Choose the size based on your personal needs. For example, if you are going to walk to swim, then it is better to take a large size.

Material. Textiles should be dense to avoid inconvenience. Buying a straw bag is the best solution. You can put anything here, even a wet swimsuit or a towel. Durable nylon is also a great material that is not affected by moisture.

The weight. It is much more convenient to carry a light bag with you.

You should also consider the shape and colour of the bag, but this is your personal choice.