Every professional pastry chef knows what products and tools are needed to prepare any sweet. Newbies already know the ingredients for the confectionery they have studied, and are just thinking about preparing a workplace. The sheer variety of spatulas, rings, nozzles is confusing. There is another rather important confectioner's tool. A pastry mat is exactly the thing that will help keep both the cleanliness of the products and order on the desktop. However, there are so many of them, how do you choose the right one?

In this article, we will look at 5 baking mats and you will understand how to choose what you need.

Top 5 best Pastry Pads of 2022

1. Baking mat by ROSENICE (under $10)

ROSENICE Baking mat

This product is made of high quality silicone material with glass wool added. This makes the rug heat-resistant and ensures easy cleaning. Sturdy yet flexible material saves space. Just roll it up and put it in the drawer and there will be plenty of room left. Unlike other objects in this category, this rug is only intended for baking.  It will be extremely inconvenient when working with the dough, but if you are looking for a baking pad, this is what you need. The product area is perfect for cookies, meringues and other small confectionery products. For cakes, this will not be so convenient due to its plasticity. For the aims of safety and to keep the shape of the cake, you should put something tight underneath.

2. Non-stick silicone pads by IVYSHION (under $5)

IVYSHION Non-stick silicone pads

Those who love to stick to the cooking process have probably seen how airy pasta is made. Do you remember about pads with painted circles on which to lay the mass?  So, the real point is about a similar model.

This option is even better. There are two size options of the pads, but you can make three different shapes on both. Of course, more can be done if you want to try yourself in new forms. This model is good because the coating is multifunctional: you can knead and roll out ordinary dough, as well as sculpt from it and put in the oven. The manufacturer assures us of resistance to high temperatures and no risk of burning. Nevertheless, in case of failure, you can easily clean the rug. Again, the advantage of saving space. It can be folded into a roll or a square.

Moreover, another important factor is environmental friendliness.  The product is made of food grade silicone that is non-toxic and BPA free.

3. Саkе Baking Mat (under $10)

Саkе Baking Mat

The monochromatic silicone mat will serve you in several variations at once. You can use this as a baking dish and knead the dough. Also, this item has one feature. You have the ability to create rolls by rolling like sushi with a rug. The dense silicone will definitely not melt under the heat of the oven and will not tear from bending. The set comes with 2 rugs of different sizes, which means you do not have to buy extra.

4. Food Grade Platinum Silicone Mat (under $5)

Food Grade Platinum Silicone Mat

The perfect tool for making cakes and baking cakes - here it is. The silicone and fiberglass material will withstand both cold and heat up to 230 C. This mat does not require oiling and provides easy product separation. The circles in the center have different diameters and this will allow you to prepare the correct size for each cake. In addition, along the perimeter there is a ruler for more convenient calculation. The rug is large and small. Also included are special knives for dough.

5. Non-stick silicone pad for kneading dough (under $5)

Non-stick silicone pad for kneading dough

A bright and large rug will help you sculpt the perfect crust shape or shape the perfect bun width. Different colors are available to you: pink, blue, green and orange. This rug also has rings with a diameter and a ruler around the perimeter, but the units are centimetres. The product is easy to storage: it can be stored in a bag and in a roll. It is heat stable and non-toxic, just like other options.

So, we looked at 5 options for pastry rugs, and either of them would be a great help for you on you kitchen. There are universal items, and there are special ones that fit specific goals that you might want to achieve on your way to the perfect pastry dish. The choice is yours!