A paint sprayer is a device for applying paint, varnish, enamel and other liquid solutions to a surface. Thanks to the fine atomization the layer is even and thin with a minimum probability of drips. In addition, the tool can be used to quickly and easily work on an embossed surface, hard-to-reach places and corners. For example, it is possible to accurately paint the inside of the battery.

It used to be thought that a paint sprayer was an expensive and purely professional tool, and an ordinary user would have no reason to spend money on it. But this is not true. First, there are inexpensive models for home use. Secondly, the device pays for itself completely. Thirdly, it is easy to use, which is why it is loved by users. Many of them have already forgotten what brushes and rollers are - forget it and you! Feel free to buy a paint sprayer for your purposes.

TOP-5 Best Paint Sprayers to Buy right now


PROSTORMER Electric household paint sprayer

The idle speed of the motor is impressive - it reaches 30000 rpm. There is a wheel to select one of three feeding modes: circular, horizontal (90°) or vertical (180°). Attachments can be quickly and easily changed. In reviews praised PROSTORMER PTHT264 for its excellent power, speed and stability. Despite its solid size, it will be convenient to hold while painting fences, cars and other large surfaces. The sprayer weighs just under two kilograms. The cable length of 2 m provides freedom of movement. The disadvantages of this model include only a strong noise during work.


A long cord for free movement;

Maximum volume of the material bowl;

Quick and even painting;

Three feed modes at different angles;

Ergonomic shape and easy operation.


Heavy weight.


DEKO High power home electric paint sprayer

The DEKO DKSG55K1 is solid looking, it has great features and build quality. It comes with 17 accessories, including nozzles, viscosity funnel, filters, wrench, brush, gloves and mask. You can choose a 220V or battery operated device. All buyers note the high quality of construction and materials, easy assembly and adjustment of the spray gun. The set is complete, the nozzles are suitable for different purposes, including home and auto painting. Thanks to the convenient adjustment of the torch, the paint flow can be maximally reduced, and the coating remains dense and uniform. The main disadvantage is that the body gets very hot.


Large set of accessories;

Powered by mains or battery;

Elementary assembly and adjustment of the device;

Conveniently regulated


Warms up during operation.

AOBEN AB2802B/AB2803

AOBEN Electric handheld paint sprayer

This AOBEN model is available in two versions with different capacities - AB2802B and AB2803. It comes complete with 4 nozzles, filter, cleaning tools and a funnel. The adjustment of the airflow made it possible to achieve a uniform application of paint with minimal losses. Of course, the most powerful paint sprayer costs almost as much as the original Iwata, but for this money buyers get first-class quality of assembly and work. In a matter of minutes, the device will cope with painting furniture, cars, walls and other surfaces. It works neatly, there are almost no complaints in the reviews. The only thing that users did not like is the high noise level, but for such power it is normal.


Impressive paint bowl capacity;

Easy to clean and replace nozzles;

High quality workmanship and solid look;

Impressive motor power and speed.


Strongly humming during operation.


TASP Electric spray gun

With its long cord, TASP MESG400M is suitable for almost any job around the house and yard, including painting cars. The body of the device is made of high-quality and pleasant to the touch plastic. The kit includes gloves, needle for cleaning the device, 5 filters, user manual in English. The disadvantages of buyers include the strong noise, as well as poor quality packaging. Assembly is decent, although stickers can quickly fall off, and the joints of some seams are uneven. Fortunately, this does not affect the quality of the paint sprayer. Also, reviews note that the TASP MESG400M gets hot during the painting process, so it is recommended to take a break every 15 minutes.


Large nozzle diameter and tank volume;

Long wire (3 m) for comfortable operation;

Intuitive operation and adjustment;

Low weight (1.15 kg).


Low power;

Noisy and heats up during operation.


Mustool paint sprayer

The MUSTOOL is a bright paint sprayer with a great package. It comes with a user manual, a funnel, and a brush to clean the sprayer. Not all customers liked the speed of delivery and the quality of packaging. But there are no complaints about the quality of MUSTOOL: it is well assembled, easy to hold, evenly sprays paint and other materials. It is easy to operate: just scroll the wheel on the body to adjust the paint flow. There are three operating modes: circular, vertical and horizontal. At the back of the handle there is a second wheel, it is designed to regulate the blowing air.


The removable bowl is easy to clean from paint;

Huge set of useful accessories;

Maximum ease of operation;

Uniform paint flow.


Packaging is not robust enough.

What to look for when choosing an airless spray gun?

According to the type of spraying, all spray guns are divided into air and airless. The former include mechanical and pneumatic models. But among electric ones, there are both variants.

The air one has the same principle of operation as the pneumatic spray gun. Electric devices of this type have a solenoid or turbine motor. It can be both inside the sprayer, and located outside - then it is hung on the shoulder or rolled behind him, like a vacuum cleaner. These sprayers create an air cloud of paint. Advantages - smooth quality coating, adjustment of power to the needs. The most important disadvantage is the noise produced by the turbine motor.

Airless electric paint sprayer has a piston pump. It develops pressure and delivers the paint to the nozzle, as a result of which there is a spraying on the surface. In this case, the drops are quite large, so spills can occur. The device works like a sprayer - it pushes the paint out under pressure. It is applied in a thick layer, which can not be called economical. It's unlikely to get a perfect finish. But it can help you quickly paint large objects, such as garage doors.