Nowadays it is extremely popular to use low-fat technologies to cook a meal at home, and an air fryer is just one of them. In comparison to a classic variant of cooking, this type of fryer prepares food with no oil that makes it a great solution for a healthy diet.

Now we are going to present you best 5 air fryers that can become an irreplaceable attribute in your cooking traditions.

Top-5 Air Fryers to buy in 2022

1. Proscenic Air fryer with non-stick basket ($196)

The first model that we would like to recommend to you to obtain is this proscenic one. It has a lot of extra amenities, like proscenichome app or recipe Book, that make the process of cooking much easier. The fryer makes it possible to you 85% less fat than a classic one, so it is highly recommended for people with cardio diseases and obesity.

Proscenic Air fryer with non-stick basket


- Wi-Fi control. Using proscenic application you will be able to manage your air fryer and choose the cooking regimes just with the help of your phone. The app also implies voice control.

- Recipe book. If you are not really good at cooking, the moderators have prepared a recipe book for you. There you will find all the dishes that are possible to cook with this particular air fryer.

- Easy to clean. A portable non-stick basket is made of aluminum and has two Teflon coating layers that are easy to wash with hands or a dishwasher.


-Due to the big number of different facilities this particular option is a little bit more expensive than alternative variants.

2. MIUI oil-free air fryer ($127.92)

This air fryer is a great variant for a family as it is supposed to cook 3-4 portions per one baking. It has a time limit from 1 to 60 minutes and has a temperature control of 80-200 C. Thanks to the stylish design, this option will suit any kitchen.

MIUI oil-free air fryer


- Digital touch screen. The fryer provides 7 preset menus to choose different types of food that you want to cook. Moreover, it is possible to use a one-touch program.

- High-speed air circulation. The high-speed technologies help to bake your food inside and evenly bake the external part.

- Oil filter. The oil filter can be easily separated and provide a bigger capacity for food. It is also easy to clean.


- EU plug. MIUI comes only with an EU plug, so it is not appropriate for all sockets.

3. KONKA Intelligent household air fryer ($44.25)

The KONKA air fryer has a lot of facilities that are perfectly combined at an affordable price. It is also a good family option as it has the capacity of 3.6 L. The fryer quickly heats up to 200 C and the circulation system controls the cooking in the most careful way. Like previous models, it is easy to use and wash.

KONKA multifunctional household air fryer


- Cool-touch handle. Such a handle prevents burns and makes the process of cooking safer.

- Speed. The air fryer allows cooking 70% faster than with a classic oven.

-Multifunctionality. The option supplies the user with 7 cooking modes. So it is possible to fry, grill, roast, steam and bake your food.


- The size. The 2.5 L option is too small, so it is better to choose a family offer.

4. 1400 W smart air fryer ($56.78)

This air fryer is present in 3 colors: black, red, and green. The model is able to provide you with deep-fried meals with no oil. The interface is easy to use for the elderly and children. It is also safe to use, as the option implies a cool handle. Highly recommend family utilization.

Multifunction smart air fryer


- Great capacity. The capacity of 4.5 L allows to roast the whole chicken with fries. Especially appropriate for big families.

- Heat conservation. The air fryer provides the technology of heat conservation, so you can have your food at any time.

- Resistant materials. The covering is made of high-resistant materials that save the fryer appearance.


- The user manual. According to the reviews, the explanation that is given in the user manual isn't clear enough, but it can depend on each person.

5. Bear Oil-free air fryer ($129.99)

The last option that we would like to add to our list is this particular oil-free air fryer. It is delivered with a user manual, fryer host, and frying basket. It implies no touch screen control but the manual operation is quite simple in use. It reduces the oil contribution by 75% and brings no efforts in cleaning.

Bear multifunction oil-free air fryer


- Power-off protection. The model provides an automatic power-off function to prevent any incidents.

- Non-stick coating. The basket requires no oil and can resist any food scuffs

- Design. The air fryer has a very stylish design. The dark-turquoise shades make it look special.


- Timer. Unfortunately, the timer implies only 30 minutes instead of 60 that are presented by other models.

We hope that this piece of information was interesting for you to learn and now you will choose your perfect air fryer from our Top-5 list. Stay healthy with our best suggestions!