In the process of preparing for a hookah smoking session, every detail is important. But the importance of the right bowl is hard to overestimate. After all, it is with this part of the hookah installation that the magic begins! The bowl choice depends on the duration of the smoking, the aroma of the tobacco mixture, and the taste of the smoke. Thanks to the right choice, the hookah smoking session will be unforgettable, and you will get real pleasure. In fact, that is why we found 5 different bowls, one of which may be perfect for you.

BudPro Phunnel Bowl (under $15)

World famous and one of the most popular bowls types has been placed in our top for a reason. This is, indeed, a very cool bowl by all accounts. Fans of funnels do not accidentally make it stand out from the crowd. The perfect shape and balanced wall thickness allowed the manufacturer to achieve the best thermal conductivity, which makes smoking as comfortable as possible.

Ceramics and a glazed working area make the bowl even more sensitive to taste and strength, which is certainly a plus. But you have to watch the heat more carefully because the features of the materials contribute to the accumulation of heat in the bowl, which leads to overheating of the tobacco.

BudPro Phunnel Bowl

Nargile Hookah Bowl (under $10)

A great straight bowl option for smoking in a small company. It has excellent smoking properties and has proven to be reliable and delicious. The bowl is made from high-quality light-burning ceramic mass MKF-2 with the addition of chamotte, which makes it heat-resistant and indestructible. These characteristics are improved by polishing and coating with a thin layer of black glaze.

The bowl perfectly reveals the taste and strength of the tobacco, and the duration of the comfortable smoking reaches up to 80 minutes with the use of heat-resistant tobacco. The bowl warms up quickly but requires special attention in regulating the heat, so you should treat this issue responsibly.

Hookah Bowl Nargile

Pharaoh's Ella Ceramic Hookah Bowl (under $15)

This is a fannel-type bowl. High flavor transfer when smoking in this bowl is due to the even and high-quality heating of the walls of the bowl. Due to the glazed coating of the working area, the bowl does not absorb foreign odors and retains its original appearance and properties for a long time. The duration of smoking depends on the tobacco and can be up to 1.5 hours of comfortable smoking.

When you smoke with Pharaoh's Ella Bowl you noticeably improve the taste because the syrup inside the bowl boils and the tobacco "boils in its own juice", which positively affects the duration of the smoking session and makes it more saturated.

Pharaoh's Ella Ceramic Hookah Bowl

Japona Killer Hookah Bowl (under $40)

Japona Killer bowls are not very popular all over the world. Excellent flavor transfer turned out thanks to the right shape and fine calculation. The walls of the bowl are the right thickness so that the bowl always finds the balance between overheating and underheating. The density of the material (red clay), made it possible to smoke comfortably without compromising the taste and strength of the tobacco.

Japona Killer Hookah Bowl

RF Rainbow Hookah Bowl (under $20)

A bowl that appeared not so long ago, but has already gained popularity and the love of hookah enthusiasts from around the world. The bowl type is a killjoy, which explains its characteristics in terms of transmission of strength. It also has an excellent flavor transfer, and the modification with the glazed working area copes with this task even better.

In general, the bowl is good on all fronts, including style and a large selection of colors. This is also a big plus, which plays into the hands of the product.

RF Rainbow Hookah Bowl

How to choose a hookah bowl?

In today's market, there is a huge variety of bowls, but such an assortment can only confuse. To buy a good quality product, it is necessary to study the varieties of hookah bowls, as well as familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Hookah bowls are usually classified by shape, the method of attachment to the shaft, and the materials of manufacture. All sorts of options are very, very much, and they all directly affect the quality of smoking.

As for manufacturing materials, the most common are clay, ceramic and food-grade silicone. In addition, you can find products made of stone, glass, metal, and even wood, but they make up only a small percentage of the market:

  • Clay is a classic material for making hookah bowls, which provides even heating and proper heat retention: tobacco in such bowls does not stick and does not get bitter. It is worth noting that because of the porous structure, untreated clay will absorb tobacco juice during the first few uses. As a result, the flavor may not be as intense as it would be after the bowl is nicely stoned.
  • Ceramic is the same clay, only in a glaze. Accordingly, all the pores of the clay are closed, which means such a bowl is not saturated with smells. In addition, ceramics retain heat well and heats evenly. Such a bowl is easy to clean, it does not darken over time and retains its attractive appearance.
  • Silicone. These hookah bowls appeared on the market relatively recently, and hookah lovers use them more and more often. These devices do a great job with heat, they are difficult to break and easy to clean. In addition, silicone has a low thermal conductivity, which makes these bowls comfortable and safe to use.

Depending on how the bowls are attached to the shaft, they are divided into inner and outer bowls. Samples with the external type of attachments are considered more airtight and comfortable. When choosing the type it is always necessary to take into account the size of the hookah, the diameter of the shaft, and the material of the bowl, as well as to use seals for a tight joint.