Sup-boarding has recently become an increasingly popular type of water recreation, as it allows you, without any special skills or experience, to take exciting trips on almost any body of water, whether it's a lake, a sea shore or a calm river. It has become more than just entertainment for many people, as they enjoy spending hours and days on the water, reaching even the most remote places. In addition, it's not at all difficult to learn to surf. Sup-boarding is good because rowing on the board is intuitive. Any beginner can stand on the board, pick up a paddle and somehow start moving somewhere. Even the elderly, as well as children and teenagers, can enjoy it, in compliance with water safety measures.

1. FunWater Stand Up Paddle Board 11'x33''x6'' (under $420)

A good option, which is sold in a complete kit. The board is suitable for both advanced and beginners.  This sup board can be used for sailing on various waters, including waves. The advantage of this board is that it is 35% lighter compared to other sup boards. The package includes an inflatable paddle board, an adjustable sup paddle, 3 fins, a sup pump, a backpack, a leash, a dry bag. This sup is characterized by reliable stability, maneuverability, smooth sliding.

FunWater Stand Up Paddle Board 11'x33''x6''

2. Acooday Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board (under $260)

A stable, high-quality board designed for use by surfers who have already mastered rowing on watercraft. The large width of 33.07 inches makes it difficult to turn over, the board is made of durable 4" double-wall drop stitch core material. The fin system ensures maximum stability at any speed. At the same time, their profiles are lowered, which reduces the risk of the breakage on the coastal shallows or when clinging to snags.

Acooday Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

3. Bestway Hydro-Force SUP, Aqua Journey Set Stand Up Paddle Board with Hand Pump and Travel Bag (under $330)

The Bestway brand board is a modernized and improved model of universal boards. This model is an excellent find for water lovers. It is great for both quiet lakes and rivers, and for living seas. The board is made in a restrained sports design. It is made of drop stitch material for strong rigidity and durability, so it is quite problematic to pierce it. This speaks for its strength, durability and reliability, as modern technology makes it lightweight and rigid at the same time.

Bestway Hydro-Force SUP

4. BEYOND MARINA Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (under $620)

It is the most versatile size of the sup board. It is perfect for the first time on SUP, the first waves and the first competitive maneuvers. The lightweight model is convenient for long trips. The kit includes a pump, a 360-degree twist ankle leash, a snap-in tool-less removable fin, a dual-action hand pump, a PVC patch and a waterproof phone case.

BEYOND MARINA Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

5. Bluefin SUP Stand Up Inflatable PaddleBoard (under $700)

On this 14’ racing board, you can take part in any professional competitions. The Bluefin sup racing boards are equipped with stiffeners and stringers, which prevents deflection. Size 14’ is suitable for confident ambitious surfers who want to expand their skills in sup. The manufacturer assures that it is the toughest all-inclusive sup touring board on the market.

Bluefin SUP Stand Up Inflatable PaddleBoard

Buyer's guide

Before buying a sup board, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Length. A long and stable sup board with good maneuverability will be more suitable for a beginner surfer.
  2. Reinforcing rib. Boards are much stronger and more reliable with it.
  3. Fin. This element is responsible for the maneuverability of the sup board. The main (central) fin allows you to make turns in small waves or flat waves. The lateral ones are responsible for direct movement through the water.
  4. High quality material.
  5. Additional accessories. It will not be superfluous to have an anti-slip mat, comfortable carrying handles, storage systems and other elements responsible for the comfort of the surfer.