Kids nowadays dream about cool devices since toddlerhood, but careful parents are hesitant to buy their own smartphones for younger kids. Kids smartwatch is an obvious solution as it is easy to use, hard to loose, nice looking and it does what it needs to do - entertains the kid, models with simcard allow you to contact your child anytime, and with smartwatches equipped with GPS you will always be able to track child’s location. Let’s take a look at a few models that you can buy at an affordable price.

1. Bauisan Kids Smart Watch

This economic smartwatch model is well equipped and will be equally enjoyed by toddlers and teenagers. It has high resolution camera that will come in handy to take pictures, funny selfies and videos. There’s a media player to listen to the favorite music, alarm clock to get up on time or maintain day schedule, and pedometer to track phisical activity. And of course, your kid should especially like the selection of 26 puzzle games that this smartwatch offers. There’s no need to download any apps, everything is already built-in. Ths watch operates on Ubuntu Touch OS, has 1.45 inch HD touch screen and is made of durable silicone. This smartwatch would be a great gift for any child.

Bauisan Kids Smart Watch

2. GOOWJUER Kids Smart Watch

This modern-styled smartwatch is designed for the kids aged 4-12 and comes in three colors - black, blue and pink. It is equipped with an SD card that allows store pictures, voice records and videos and then transfer those files to PC if needed. With the choice of 16 built-in learning games, children will never get bored. You also get calculator, MP3 player and alarm clock. The watch supports multiple languages. There’s no need to download apps, use a simcard or connect the watch to a smartphone, it’s ready to use straight out of the box.

GOOWJUER Kids Smart Watch

3. OVV Waterproof Kids Smart Watch

This watch model is one of the few of its kind, because the developers used IP67 equipment that guarantees highest waterproof and dust proof rating. This degree of protection will allow you to forget about things such as bad weather, rain or the chance of the watch falling into the water. Similar to previously mentioned models, the OVV watches offers the most useful apps for children: 11 pre-installed educational and entertaining games, alarm clock, music player, high resolution camera, flashlight, calculator, calendar. One of the downsides of this smart watch is short battery life, which may be upsetting for the kids who tend to forget to charge their devices on time.

OVV Waterproof Kids Smart Watch

4. Dolirapa Smart Watch for Kids

This watch is preinstalled with as many as 26 different games that are more complex and exciting, unlike regular apps in game stores. Just like similar models, the watch is equipped with a camera for capturing the best and funny moments of childhood life. The smartwatch is equipped with a first-class MP-3 player that, when connected to a PC, allows you to download music, audiobooks and podcasts for entertainment or educational purposes. You also get calculator, flashlight, theme wallpaper customization, calendar, voice recorder. Simplicity of use, multifunctionality and a user-friendly interface make this watch a great choice for a gift to any child.

Dolirapa Smart Watch for Kids

5. Yehtta Kids Smart Watch

At the moment, this is one of the few models of smart watches that has a dual camera. In turn, this type of camera allows you to take more beautiful photos and selfies and is also characterized by a larger amount of memory than single-lens cameras. We can say that this watch is all in one thing: a calculator, a camera, a calendar, an MP-3 player, a high-definition microphone, an ultra-sensitive touch screen - the reliability of all functions makes this smartwatch an indispensable assistant in the development of the children's brain. One of the most important utilities is the presence of an "anti-addiction" mode, because it makes it possible to turn a smartwatch into a ordinary one so that parents can have control over their child by applying restriction on the smartwatch functionality. If you want to give your child something unusual and useful, this is a perfect beginner smartwatch.

Yehtta Kids Smart Watch

If you want to give your child a nice gift that is not too exprensive, is entertaining but also has educational value, and is just cool looking, a smartwatch is a perfect choice. Cheaper options don’t normally have the calling and GPS tracker features, so they are more of a toy. However, if you want a watch with a simcard to be able to contact your kid anytime, or to track his / her location, there are plently of kids smart watches equipped with everything necessary to achieve that.