If a family of four wants to go camping, a 4+ person tent is a perfect choice. This spacious type of tent is also ideal for events such as open-air concerts to spend the night with friends on the festival grounds. For couples, a family tent is also a good choice when smaller tents get too cramped and more space is needed for luggage and vacation gear. 4-person tents are available in different sizes and with different equipment.

Below we have collected tents that will ensure a great holiday or a weekend away for the whole family.

High Peak Talos (under $205)

High Peak Unisex's Talos 4 Tents

High Peak's Talos is a dome tent with a sleeping chamber that fits three to four people. The entrance rolls up to the side and is weather-protected, so you can enter the sleeping area dry even if it rains. The slightly sloped porch is equipped with windows made of clear film. In the tent roof, there are two ventilation inserts for the best possible ventilation of the interior. The tent poles match the color of the neon green piping around the floor. The ground stripes and lines are designed in neon green to be visible at dusk.


  • Fiberglass poles
  • Comparatively low weight and size when packed;
  • With small pockets and a mosquito net;
  • Pegs, ropes, bag, and instructions included.


  • Comparatively small dimensions;
  • Available in only one color.

Coleman Waterfall Deluxe (under $315)

Coleman Waterfall 5 Deluxe family tent

This Coleman model is a tunnel tent with two sleeping cabins. Between the sleeping chambers is a living area that has a standing height of 2m. Two ventilation flaps are designed to provide good ventilation. Furthermore, the living area has two opposite entrances. Utensils such as flashlights can be stowed within easy reach in two interior pockets.

The outer tent is made of polyester 185T and is coated with PU. The material is fire retardant, the seams are taped. Breathable polyester and opaque mosquito net are used for the inner tent. The materials of the tent are equipped with Coleman UV-Guard and have a sun protection factor of 50 plus.

According to the manufacturer, the floor is made of waterproof, welded polyethylene, and is raised at the edges. This is to prevent insects or moisture from entering. The windows are made of PVC.


  • Features two opposing sleeping chambers;
  • UV protection of 50+ and flame retardant materials;
  • Features interior pockets, mosquito nets, and vents;
  • Comparatively large setup dimensions and standing height;
  • Transport bag, ropes, ground pegs, and instructions included.


  • Comparatively heavy;
  • Only one design is available.

Jack Wolfskin Divide (under $945)

Jack Wolfskin Unisex Adult Tent

This is a tunnel tent constructed with high storm stability with the best possible use of space. According to the manufacturer, the tent can be set up in just a few steps. Equipped with three entrances and four windows, the Divide tent offers two sleeping cabins, with the smaller one being optional to set up in favor of a larger entrance. Without the smaller sleeping chamber, there is still room for four people.


  • Tunnel tent for up to six people;
  • With hook-in compartments and loops for lamps;
  • Comparatively large dimensions;
  • Poles made of aluminum;
  • With mosquito nets and vents;
  • Pegs, ropes, bag, and instructions included.


  • Comparatively large pack size and high weight.

Toogh Camping Tent (under $140)

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

Toogh 4-person is made of 190T polyester and has a coating made of polyurethane plastic. The poles can be used for the side entrance or the front entrance. In addition, the model has a mosquito net, which is located at the entrance. According to the manufacturer, it offers protection from the rain.


  • According to the manufacturer, sturdy fiberglass and metal poles;
  • Interior pockets and mosquito nets;
  • With vents for good air circulation.


  • Only one design is available.

High Peak Tessin Outdoor Dome Tent (under $145)

High Peak Tessin Unisex Outdoor Dome Tent

The High Peak Tessin 4-person tent is a classic. It keeps rain out and the seam seals ensure that no water can get in there. The waterproof and rot-proof tent floor is made of polyethylene. A weather-protected entrance area provides ample storage space for camping gear on the porch. Mosquito protection and interior ventilation ensure a good climate. The floor prevents the penetration of moisture and dirt. Interior pockets for important utensils are also available as well as a lamp holder for hanging camping or flashlight.


  • Comparatively lightweight and compact;
  • With double roof;
  • Marked poles for easy setup;
  • Interior pockets, mosquito netting, and vents;
  • Comes with pegs, ropes, a carrying bag, and instructions.


  • Comparatively small headroom.

What tent will suit you best?

A 4-person tent offers a maximum of four people enough space to sleep. Depending on the type of tent and its features, four adults or two adults and two children can sleep comfortably on a sleeping mat, sleeping bag, or cot. Most 4-person tents are suitable for longer stays at a campsite or festival site. They offer storage space for shoes, luggage, and other camping accessories in addition to sleeping space.

Various types of tents with different equipment and features are available in stores. Some models fulfill only the basic function: they offer space for four people including luggage.

When choosing a tent, the design plays a role. There are different types of tents available in the market. Most 4-person tents feature one of the following three designs:

  • Tunnel tents
  • Dome tents
  • Throw tents

Now, let’s look at their differences.

Tunnel tent

A tunnel tent has parallel pole bends and is held in place with pegs or ground stakes. When setting up, the poles must be pushed into a pole channel and bent downward. The tent has a tunnel-like appearance and steeper walls. A tunnel tent is more spacious than other variants and well suited for longer stays at a campsite.

Dome tent

In a dome tent, two to three poles run diagonally to the footprint and cross at the top of the tent. The pole guide is located in the inner tent. Because of this construction, the tent is considered very stable in wind and can stand freely. Dome tents are suitable for sandy, rocky, or similarly difficult terrains. Because this type of tent has sloping walls, the use of space is less efficient than the tunnel tent.

Throw tent

Another term for a throw tent is a pop-up tent. These models are designed to take only a few seconds to set up. The tent is either thrown on the ground and then unfolds automatically, or it only needs to be pulled up at the top of the pole to set up. The poles of a tent are pre-assembled and already fixed in place.