Gadgets that are designed to make our work easier, can sometimes cause real chaos. Cables from laptop chargers, adapters, connected monitors and audio systems, wired mice, and ubiquitous smartphone chargers all absorb your workspace. Cables can make it difficult for you to access individual ports and connections or simply get on your way when you walk. The solution to the cables invasion is simple, and it’s called cable organizers. However, choosing the right cable organizer still takes some time and understanding of different models available on the market. We did the homework for you and reviewed five different types of cable holders and organizers and reviewed them to make the choice easier for you.

1. ORICO Cable Tie

ORICO Cable Tie

A quality cord tie from the leader of the digital technology accessories industry from China. This product is equally well suited for organization of the cables and for their proper storage. With this high-strength nylon tape, which guarantees a strong grip, you will get rid of randomly lying wires and other small things that distract from the workflow. Simply cut off a piece of the right length and wrap the cables. This tape is long lasting, because the wear resistance of the material allows for reuse of the tape. Users purchase a batch of five differently-colored products as portable rolls. The colors are convenient to use when sorting different cables, making it easier to find the right cable whenever you need it. Simple, cheap, practical, it’s a must have in every house.

2. Cool DIER Silicone Cable Clips

COOL DIER Silicone Cable Clips

These cable holding clips are another popular type of cable organizers. You need to choose the right place and attach them to your desk or any other spot that you find suitable. The organizer sticks to basically any surface, including wood, glass, metal, stone, or even plastic panels of your car. Many real user reviews speak in favour of these clips confirming that the quality is great, the glue is good and the thing does its job perfectly. The slots are well suited for securing cables up to 5 mm in diameter, which is a universal parameter for the most commonly used cables. For your convenience, there are options with one to five slots, which will help you make the best choice in a particular situation.

3. ORICO Cable Winder

ORICO Cable Winder

A handy fixture for organizing cables from a variety of gadgets, this silicone desktop organizer comes in five or seven slots variations, which is normally all that needed for one desk. The optimal size and pleasant appearance of the device allows you to install it in suitable place. To install, you need to detach the self-adhesive film from the bottom of the organizer and then attach the fixture by pressing it with your hand. The product is available in several bright colors. Pretty, reliable, affordable, holds well, does the trick - what else do you really need from a cable organizer?

4. Flexible Spiral Cable Organizers

Flexible Spiral Cable Organizers

This protective device will help solve the problem of cluttered cable communications anywhere. The package includes a 2 meters spiral tubular organizer and a convenient clip for holding. The products are presented in a modern design, with a carefully thought-out construction and three color variations: black, gray and white. You can buy spiral wrap tubes of 10, 16, 22 or 28 mm in diameter. The elastic and durable material bends perfectly and guarantees long use.

No one likes to work in a mess created by tangled up cables. Using different kinds of cable organizers, you can structure the arrangement of cables on your workplace or at home and get rid of dangling and haphazardly protruding cords. A simple wrapping tape roll, or nice looking clips, whatever works to get those cables under control!